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Marveltest strategically invests utilizing their entrepreneurial expertise and refrains from providing advice without a tangible background in real-world experience, resulting in the establishment of the esteemed Marveltest Group of companies.







Why we invest

We believe in practice what you preach.

At Marveltest, our pledge is to uphold our values and principles by providing support to ventures that share our vision. Our investment decisions are meticulously made, with only those ideas and concepts that align with our true passion receiving our backing. On occasion, we may choose to accompany our clients on their entrepreneurial expedition. If we perceive significant growth potential during the MarvelFoundation phase, we may extend valuable resources in exchange for an equity stake in the business.
Experienced with 80+ unique clients

Our investment scope

Our investment criteria encompass innovative and scalable enterprises spanning multiple sectors. We endeavor to collaborate with entrepreneurs who share our common objective of generating value and effecting positive change.

High-potential business

Our investment strategy centers on the identification of high-potential businesses during the MarvelFoundation phase, employing key performance indicators that prioritize critical metrics:


  • Market Size

  • Growth potential MoM

  • Funnel performances

  • Online Audience Sizes

  • Audience profile

  • Competitive playing field

  • Market adoption rate

  • CAC/CPO levels

  • Margin levels

  • Brand Equity

  • Revenue being on product-market fit level



  • Early stage

  • Revenue 100k+ yearly

  • CPO 20% under benchmark



  • Market size delivering potentially a viable MRR

  • Growth potential MoM 7%+

  • Blue ocean markets



  • Early Stage

  • Revenue showing clear product-market fit

  • Growth potential MoM 7%+

B2B Services


  • Revenues 3M+

  • Tech-driven

  • SME market

Do you think your business has what it takes?

Data-driven guidance

Marveltest empowers portfolio companies through data-driven decisions. Our innovative techniques uncover valuable insights for informed choices and business growth. We offer personalized dashboards, visualization tools, and recommendations. Serial entrepreneurs Bhup and Maarten experienced the challenges of launching new products and saw the need for a comprehensive way to predict and optimize customer acquisition costs, inspiring the Marveltest tech and data stack. We've helped 80+ clients become market leaders through our expertise in data analysis and decision-making. Marveltest is a trusted partner for companies seeking to improve their data capabilities resulting in business viable decisions. Sometimes this results in even more closer relationships in the form of company stakes and investments that provide a very broad set of resources.

Our ventures

Explore the Multifaceted Ventures of Marveltest: Innovative Business Pursuits that Span Across Diverse Industries.

Total funding: € <1m
B2C - eCommerce - Netherlands

Zoen voor Gust, a Marveltest venture, offers sustainable items for babies and toddlers by collecting beautiful brands for their versatile collection. With our help, we analyzed their data and found potential for growth. We validated our assumptions and optimized their conversion and sales, resulting in impressive superhero growth. Now, Zoen voor Gust is a leading brand in the world of moms.

Total funding: € <1,000,000
B2C- eCommerce - Netherlands

YVRA is a niche fragrance brand founded by Yvo Van Regteren Altenna. With the help of Marveltest, we collaborated closely to create a new website with a focus on customer experience and set up successful social, Google, and email marketing campaigns, resulting in a lowered CAC.

Total funding: € <1,000,000
Total funding: € <1m
Total funding: € 2,5m
B2C - eCommerce - Netherlands

ProductPine is a Marveltest venture that enables direct purchasing from brands for the best price and quality, while offsetting CO2 emissions. During our collaboration, we worked to create awareness for Productpine's innovative sustainable platform approach, by highlighting both the brand and specific product groups. We developed multiple strategies and optimized funnels to achieve monthly growth of at least 27%.

Total funding: € 2,500,000
B2C - Subscription - Netherlands

BIYU is a Marveltest venture that offers a sustainable business concept, allowing customers to rent instead of own products. During our collaboration, we invested in BIYU and tested multiple propositions, campaigns, and UX/CX analyses to find the key activation for this innovative service. Our goal is to conquer Amsterdam and beyond with this amazing concept.

Total funding: € 1,900,000
Total funding: € 1,9m
Total funding: € <1m
B2C - eCommerce - Netherlands

Mijn energielabel is a Marveltest venture that provides energy labels, with a focus on generating requests in specific regions of the Netherlands. During our collaboration, we improved their technical and digital infrastructure, including social advertising, CRM, email marketing, website optimization, and maintenance. We tested different strategies for different channels, resulting in a new digital growth strategy that generated 5000+ label applications in 2022.

Total funding: € <1,000,000

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Why MarvelVenture?

Learn how Marveltest's investment support can facilitate the growth of your company, offering the essential resources and guidance necessary for success. MarvelVenture was established to address the demand from Marveltest's clients for a wider range of services, resources, and entrepreneurial mentoring, which they could not afford. Driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, MarvelVenture devised adaptable share-stake-based arrangements to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Venture Specialists

Collaborating with MarvelVenture offers our clients' investments access to a diverse team with a broad range of skills, including expertise in data intelligence, strategy, financial analysis, creative design, growth specializations, and more. Our management takes an active role in our clients' boards during critical phases of their business, providing real-time performance support when necessary.


In instances that necessitate financial resources, the MarvelVenture fund provides aid to its clients. For investments that have a larger, more complex, or unique scope, we provide support throughout the funding process. Our range of services encompasses defining prerequisites, researching opportunities, and executing funding applications.

Expertise & Network

Marveltest was established by a team of entrepreneurs and is presently managed by individuals with extensive entrepreneurial backgrounds, providing our ventures with access to valuable network introductions. Moreover, we offer our expertise in business setup and scaling, enabling our clients to achieve sustainable growth.
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