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Allow us to take you through the core components of what it takes to run your business data-driven. After this series you are up to speed with the key components.

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Episode 2 - 01:54


What is data?

This episode delves into the world of data and its importance to understand your business. Discover how to enrich data by profiling your clients and incorporating feedback from online platforms. Learn how real-time data can help you spot opportunities for growth on a daily basis.

Key learnings

  • Data is a buzzword, but what does it actually mean for your business?

  • There are multiple definitions of data.

  • Data plays a critical role in understanding a business's performance and operations. To maximize its value, it is crucial to enrich client profiles and structure the data infrastructure to give the business daily market exposure.

  • Real-time data analysis identifies opportunities daily, driving growth and improving decision-making for optimal business performance."

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Episode 3 - 02:25


How can data help?

This episode explores the use of data to gain knowledge about your customers, competitors, and your business. Learn how real-time data can lead to more insights and opportunities for growth, and how to turn data into a funnel for increased conversions.

Key learnings

  • Data-driven insights into customers, competitors, and the company's performance can drive increased profitability and growth.

  • Marveltest's DataHub leverages all business data to boost targeting and margins.

  • To fully reap the benefits of data, it's crucial to ensure that it is real-time and that employees have effective access and utilization.

  • Utilizing data to build an efficient sales funnel can drive increased conversions.

  • By validating and scaling new concepts based on data, businesses can enhance their growth and success.

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Episode 4 - 03:48


Why test?

We discuss the importance of testing in order to optimize customer acquisition costs and improve your marketing strategy. Discover how to use historical and external data to get a head start in optimization, and how algorithms can lead users to relevant content and lower CAC.

Key learnings

  • Testing is a crucial aspect of optimizing customer acquisition cost and maximizing the efficiency of marketing spend.

  • Utilizing historical data and external data sources can give a head start when working to reduce customer acquisition cost.

  • Algorithms can direct users to relevant content, helping to lower customer acquisition cost.

  • By comparing data to the company's value proposition, businesses can ensure they're maximizing the value of their marketing channels.

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Episode 5 - 02:30


Marketing automations

This episode delves into the process of automating and optimizing media spend. Discover how marketing automation can help you efficiently allocate resources and reach the right audience.

Key learnings

  • Marketing automation is the process of automating communication to a defined, profiled, and segmented audience.

  • The goal of marketing automation is to optimize return on investment by efficiently using time and resources allocated to marketing efforts, while enabling scalability for sustained business growth.

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Episode 6 - 03:10


Now and the future

This episode explores the impact of upcoming laws on tech companies and their ability to track users. Understand how this will affect data insights and product optimization, and discover solutions such as utilizing first-party data.

Key learnings

  • Upcoming laws may make it more challenging for tech companies to track users for extended periods, limiting the insights that can be gained from marketing data and channels.

  • To address this potential challenge, companies may opt to use first-party data instead of relying on third-party data through data warehousing solutions, such as the one offered by Marveltest."

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Episode 7 - 02:22


Online funnels

We discuss the importance of knowing your audience when creating a funnel. Learn about the benefits of low-effort funnels, landing page frameworks and how using a variety of databases can lead to more specific funnels for your audience. Discover how testing ads on a smaller scale can lead to better conversions in the long run.

Key learnings

  • Our onboarded clients often run a low-effort funnel.

  • Building an efficient sales funnel requires a thorough understanding of the target audience.

  • Profiling the audience with up to 52 variables can result in more personalized funnels tailored to the audience's unique needs.

  • Testing ads on a smaller scale can improve conversion rates.

  • By directing users to landing pages that are customized based on their data, businesses can boost conversion rates.

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