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Marveltest combines data research, marketing- and business technologies to let your business run at peak efficiency

Data Analytics

We perform fully-fledged business analysis aimed at identifying opportunities and delivering solutions.

Marketing Technology

We build custom marketing technology solutions that allow our clients to reach their goals efficiently.

Performance Marketing

We apply data-driven strategies that drive measurable results for your marketing campaigns with a focus on your business goals.

Data-Driven Design

We create stunning, on-brand, and effective designs & marketing materials guided and validated by data.

Our process


During this process, we gather, structure, analyze and enrich internal and external data, which will become the foundation for data-based growth.


The MarvelTest algorithm tests carefully-planned audience profiles, marketing campaigns and landing pages on all relevant channels.


In this stage, the complete focus is on sustainable and repeatable revenue growth. This is the moment your business is able to scale with a mitigated risk.

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Unlock the potential of your business with MarvelAudit. Our comprehensive analysis provides you with actionable insights, from easy-to-implement tactics to long-term strategies, ensuring maximum efficiency.

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Marveltest Technologies™

Explore the custom-built tools that make our clients’ everyday work faster, more efficient, and data-driven

Marveltest Datahub™

Our Data Hub provides us, and our clients, with real-time data insights.
It combines data from a variety of sources, such as your different marketing channels, marketing automations, and store analytics into one place where we can build custom dashboards of useful data. With these insights, we can establish a good understanding of your business and continuously identify valuable opportunities that contribute to optimizing your business.

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Transparent insight into your goals

Customized data boards, and in-depth queries

Realtime data of different sources

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Analytical Headquarters


Full business optimisation at one place

The Marveltest Portal

Aside from our real-time datahub, we've created the Marveltest client portal.
This portal allows clients easy access to a secured all-in-one digital environment. As our client, you can find all tooling, our data analysis, asset briefings, important documentation, planning and other useful information in one place.

Marveltest Portal™

Aside from our real-time datahub, we've created the Marveltest client portal.
This portal allows clients easy access to a secured all-in-one digital environment. As our client, you can find all tooling, our data analysis, asset briefings, important documentation, planning and other useful information in one place.

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All-in-one platform

Access to our knowledge

Access your data anywhere

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Marveltest Funnel Optimizer™

Marveltest Funnel Optimizer is designed to help businesses reach their peak efficiency by merging business- and marketing data into one funnel.
The key benefits of Marveltest Funnel Optimizer is that it spots inefficiencies on a real-time level. It connects to your business- and marketing tech stack and based on your peak efficiency formula it tells us exactly where the optimization opportunities lay.

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Reach peak efficiency

Optimize through Efficient Alignment

Spot inefficiencies real-time

Business management of the new age

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our cases

All experience is an arch, to build upon

Pols Potten

  • B2C
  • SME
  • E-commerce
  • Foundation - Test - Live
  • 2021

The leading POLSPOTTEN brand, founded in Amsterdam in 1986, offers home accessories that brighten up any interior, from porcelain vases to glass hourglasses and the most surprising piggy banks. The brand is subtle, innovative and inspiring.POLSPOTTEN came to Marveltest to gain new leads for their B2B efforts in Germany, as their business relies heavily on B2B. After conducting thorough analyses, we started online campaigns to find new leads. The campaign were such a success, and so POLSPOTTEN wanted to expand their efforts to B2C. After launching their new website this year, the efforts of Marveltest switched from B2B to B2C. The campaigns started recently, yet with a ROAS of 9.74 we expect a great future for B2C of POLSPOTTEN.

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  • B2C
  • SME
  • E-commerce
  • Foundation - Test - Live
  • 2021

Pockies is an authentic underwear brand, a unique one on the market. The brand was founded by three young Amsterdam entrepreneurs. It grew expponentially with their initial remarkle advertising campaigns and collaborations.The story and vision of Pockies are defined carefully, but the challange was to scale this approach further in the Netherlands and even internationally. Pockies followed the typical growth path, because of the generosity of their smart influencer collaboratons and outspoken marketing tactics. But Marveltest knows that data interpretation and data-driven decision making is crucial when establishing a sustainable business model, that's how we came into play.During our collaboration with Pockies their revenues improved nationally, and even an international roll-out strategy was established across 6+ channels. This was the first step towards conquering the worlds market of underwear!

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  • B2C
  • SME
  • E-commerce
  • Foundation - Test - Live
  • 2022

Zoen voor Gust is a sustainable and high quality baby clothing brand run by two passioned mothers. Lisette and Giulia believe parents need the perfect essentials for their mini's, because they deserve the best. Together we've saw that Zoen voor Gust had much more potential, as they were a small scope webshop back in 2020. In our mutual enthusiasm and believe in the brand Zoen voor Gust saw Marveltest as the right partner, and that's how we took a shareholding in the business.We identified a significant opportunity after doing thorough analyses of their data. Collaboratively we profiled and segmented their audience implementeda powerful multichannelmarketing automation.After our efforts we've pushed the brand up to a full grown scale-up with a revenue growth of 1525%!

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  • B2C
  • SME
  • E-commerce
  • Foundation - Test - Live
  • 2021

STIEGLITZ, a woman clothing brand founded by Pien Stieglitz back in 2014. It's goal it to make woman feel powerful with it's distinct prints and colors. The brand works with small collections, called drops. Each drop is inspired by different places around the world Pien has visited, so always something new to discover. The main goal we envisioned was to grow their top of funnel audience to gain them more customers. And so we executed hypertesting with different audiences and helped STIEGLITZ with testing various types of creative advertisement, by optimizing and validating them.We've also supported STIEGLITZ during their sales periods, such as Black Friday 2021, where they achieved a record breaking single day and month revenue for their online sales. For this we setup a customized full funnel Meta strategy with a dedicated email marketing strategy.With our effort to hypertest different audiences and advertisement types, a growth of 28% (online store) in 2022 compared to 2021!

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  • B2C
  • SME
  • Lead-Generation
  • MarvelAudit Plus
  • 2019

Creating a muscular marketing communication strategy to attract the most profitable customer profile.

Combine a passion for sports with an increasingly mobile, digital and modern society and you get OneFit: the internationally renowned sports app that gives members access to over 1,000 gyms and studios through a flexible monthly subscription. While the company has been sharing the Sweat and Joy lifestyle with its growing community through an unlimited access model since 2013, at OneFit itself there was a growing desire to increase profitability. Marveltest helped them muscle up through Marvelfoundation+, allowing them to optimize their business based on our data while keeping the execution in house.

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Based on this foundation, our clients continue with a Nobel-prize winning high capacity testing methodology which we've turned into the MarvelTest.

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We are Marveltest, a bunch of ambitious and nerdy heroes of the digital age. We aspire to wow our clients and help them become leaders in their respective markets.

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The influence of competitor knowledge on business decision making

The influence of competitor knowledge on business decision making

In 2022, we’ve reached a time where the on- and offline competition is bigger than ever, a time when everyone can join the race. And so it is crucial to get an understanding of your competitors and the position your business holds within the industry. Because of that, the first step is choosing the right competitors based on a variety of elements that make them relevant to your business. It would be most obvious to look a the products or services they sell, right? However, the technology they use, their business model, target audience, and marketing channels are also relevant. Based on these criteria, you can conduct various analyses to study and compare your strategy.

Deniz Ovalioglu - Data Analyst
December 2, 2022
5 min read
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Unlocking the power of design and creativity

Unlocking the power of design and creativity

Every business or brand needs design, in one way or another. But how do you make sure it aids your business goals and doesn't become a financial burden or time sink? The three primary benefits of good design are; effective communication, recognisability, and the potential for behavioral influence.

Marc Dalhuisen - Head of Data-driven design
December 2, 2022
10 min read
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CRO foundations and best practices

CRO foundations and best practices

One of our first articles where we’ll dive into data-driven growth. You’ll learn about best practices and other tips that can be used to draw more people to your business, convert visitors, and grow consistently in the long term. In this post, we’ll be discussing the foundations of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), best practices for your website design, and which elements to pay attention to when accounting for people's behavior within digital online experiences.

Teddy Andrei - Digital Growth Consultant
November 21, 2022
7 min read
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