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our vision

Marveltest predicts the growth of your business. Our powerful business and internet data tools combined with our cutting edge platform provide intelligent insights for our clients.
Our clients are guided through an analytical process that sets up a data foundation, in this process, we enrich internal business data and utilize market data.

Based on this foundation our clients continue with our Nobel prize-winning high-capacity testing methodology which is also known as the MarvelTest. High-capacity testing results pave the way for MarvelLive to achieve accelerated growth.

our process


During this process, we gather, structure, analyze and enrich internal and external data which will become the foundation for data-based growth. All this specific data is presented in our data hub, giving real-time competitor, financial, and consumer insights.


The MarvelTest algorithm tests live audience data, marketing campaigns and landing pages on all relevant channels. MarvelFoundation inductive findings are validated by conducting over 1000 experiments over the entire online funnel.


In this stage the focus lays fully at sustainable and repeated revenue growth. Now, after the testing stage, your business can scale with your risk mitigated.

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Our Datahub

Next to our proven tech-enabled services our clients get access to our powerful data platform that is at the core of all processes, providing insights, direction and project management based on real-time data.

Case example

  • B2C
  • Automation
  • Multichannel
  • Audience Segmentation

ZvG was a small scale webshop focusing on sustainable and high quality baby clothes. In the spring of 2020 Zoen voor Gust came to Marveltest with their case.

We conducted a thorough analysis of their current data and spotted a huge opportunity, when combined with our internal audience database. 

We were even so convinced that we took a shareholding within the company. Together with the team of Zoen voor Gust we profiled and segmented their audience. In combination with a powerful multichannel marketing automation we have reached great results, launching the company to a full grown scale-up. A not rare example of what we can reach together with our clients.

Revenue Growth

+1525 %

In 9 months.



Average on all ad-sets.


-572 %

For new clients.

Other cases

A B2B client that has been transformed in a digital powerhouse within one year with 1000+ new retailer leads coming in every month with added revenues into 7 figures.

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Our database provides a challenging benchmark for Hans Anders to optimize their online client acquisition strategy in a saturated market.

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Marveltest combined internal business data and external audience data to profile the highest value audience for OneFits’ continued growth path.

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We our numbers

Impressions generated worldwide


Multichannel and high-value impact.

Live Worldwide Client Revenue

€ 15.727.925

Year to date generated by our data and tech.

Experiments live


Funnels consisting of ad's, audiences, channels and landing pages.

Audience Datapoints Tracked


Enables us to drive decisions on real-time data.

meet the team



And growing every month.



Client , Backend , Data , and Studio teams.



Diversity drives creativity and insights.



“Great to have built a place where incredibly smart data enthusiasts work together with tech to make our clients the best performing companies in their branch”



Head of Operations

"In the two years I've been with Marveltest, I've seen it grow and make waves. What I like most is the challenges and collaborative work ethic."



Digital Growth Consultant

"Why did I take this job opportunity? Helping SME's reach the next digital level, what's not to love?"


And many more

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Senior Performance Marketeer

You can strategize, set up and optimize all paid channels by focusing on relevant industry metrics. You will have the freedom to test, scale, and create new experiments on different marketing channels for every client.

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Performance Marketeer with affinity for SEA

You know your social channels but believe that Search is almost always the way to go ? Join the team now! Manage and scale paid search accounts for B2B and B2C. Measure and optimise online marketing and search campaigns. Develop SEA growth strategies for customers.

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Digital Growth Consultant

Marveltest is a client-first company, so our consultant at the front-end are great team players that our clients love. Are you ready to work with our awesome c-level clients? Join the front-end team.

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Data Analyst

Are you a pragmatic data analyst that is ready to give our clients insights into business opportunities? Do you become enthusiastic about audience data? Join us now!

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Client testimonials

"With the insights of Marveltest we will bring viable propositions, tested within various target audiences. If we know how we can evolve the behaviour of one group, then we can expand and move to the next group of people and truly make the difference!"

Nathalie Beck

"Marveltest is with her data intelligence niche what we internally say to be the champions league in data-driven marketing, instead of the Jupiler League of other agencies."

Nick Van Thull

E-commerce manager
“Marveltest B.V. has been by our side from the beginning and we wouldn’t know what to do without them. They know exactly how to reach our target audience and how to expand our reach in the most effective way, resulting in explosive growth. Next to this, they’re also able to guide our business through growth, which they clearly have successful experiences with.”

Giulia Beens

Job Founder

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