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Harnessing predictive data to transform a small niche brand into a substantial market player.

Back in early 2019, we were approached by Zoen voor Gust; an online provider of sustainable and high-quality items for babies and toddlers. With great care they collect the most beautiful brands for their versatile collection, and recently they have started offering items from their own brand as well. But before Zoen voor Gust was the renowned retail brand as we know it today, it was just a small-scale webshop roaming the market for minis. A small niche brand bursting with potential, as would soon turn out. Together with Marveltest, they managed to pull out all the stops and achieve sky-rocketing results.

Revenue Growth


AOV (€85)

Average ROAS


Increased 46%

Conversion rate growth


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First, we conducted a thorough analysis of Zoen voor Gust's existing data. At this stage, our marketing data analysis already showed that the funnel metrics were excellent, meaning that there was a lot of potential to scale up. Combined with these internal metrics, the external data ensured that we not only knew exactly who the buyers were, but also saw major opportunities in how to target different groups specifically.


After we were convinced that we knew how, where, and when people prefer to buy items for their little ones, we began to validate our assumptions. In two months, we designed an experimental framework and learned which specific combinations worked best in execution. Here we determined which terms and features led to the best results, but to achieve superhero growth, we went live.


In this phase, we helped Zoen voor Gust go full throttle for growth. We connected them to our data hub and started optimizing to the limit to get conversions and sales as high as possible. The results are impressive: Zoen voor Gust reached its full potential, and even went way beyond. The company now has the world of moms at its feet and is on the rise to this day.

"Even our data shows how latecomers get all the leftovers from older siblings."

"We note after how many clicks it’s just about staring at strollers, not sales."

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200% ROAS increase

After the MarvelFoundation stage we applied our proposed strategies which resulted in a doubling of the Return On Ad Spend for Zoen voor Gust.

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