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Our all-in-one secured environment to make every data-driven project succesful.

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Analytical Headquarters

Centralize all your analyses and real-time performance data in one place with Marveltest, eliminating the need to log in to multiple locations for information. Streamline your reporting and business snapshot processes for improved performance.

Project Control

The success of growth, efficiency enhancement, and marketing projects hinges on seamless execution. At Marveltest, we understand this importance and have implemented industry-leading management processes in our portal.

Complete business optimization in one platform.

We tailor our portal to our clients' specific goals, whether they are focused on margin control, data-driven visual ad optimization, efficiency enhancement, or revenue growth.
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The Importance of an All-in-One Digital Environment.

Improving business and marketing funnel optimization by minimizing operational inefficiency is critical, with over 43% of performance losses attributed to this issue. To address this, we've developed the Marveltest Portal, a client-centric solution that delivers enhanced operational efficiency and improved performance in up to 80% of cases. Our cutting-edge portal is unlike anything seen before, providing an unprecedented level of business and marketing efficiency.

How Marveltest's portal can benefit your business?

Visualize having all your vital and comprehensive business information stored securely in a single location that is effortlessly accessible with minimal clicks. Our client portal delivers precisely that. Our client portal is a secured, unified digital ecosystem that enables you to manage and access your information easily. Whether it's submitting documents, communicating with Marveltest, or accessing reports, our client portal simplifies all our processes and enhances convenience for your business.

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Build in tools

The Marveltest portal is a secure all-in-one platform with integrated tools for efficient management and confidentiality of shared data.

Easy acces to all your Marveltest Analyses

The Marveltest portal provides a secure, centralized location for managing various types of essential analytical documentation, enabling authorized users to view, upload, organize, and preview them with ease. This eliminates the need for external storage solutions and saves time by streamlining access to documents without requiring their download or external applications. This promotes collaboration and communication by keeping all project-related documents in one central location.

Fully integrated Marveltest Datahub platform

Our DataHub, a comprehensive marketing platform, seamlessly integrates with the Marveltest Portal, granting you effortless entry to numerous data dashboards such as client profiling, financials, and digital data. These dashboards are available in a single, centralized location, streamlining your data analysis. Even without our DataHub extended package, the portal still delivers basic goal-based insights.

Optimize your visual ads and assets data-driven with our ad optimizer

The Marveltest client portal provides an advanced ad performance tool that delivers real-time ad performance tracking to help optimize your ad campaigns with data-driven insights. Our state-of-the-art analytics and machine learning algorithms, allow you to easily identify trends and patterns in your ad performance data. The customizable reporting dashboards and intuitive interface provide detailed insights, enabling you to analyze specific campaigns, ad groups, or keywords. Our ad performance tool is compatible with various platforms, including Google and Facebook, allowing you to maximize your ad spend and drive better results.

All your tooling, planning and analyses in one secured location.

The Marveltest client portal allows clients easy access to a secured all-in-one digital environment. As our client you can find all the tooling, our data analysis, asset briefings, important documentation, planning and other useful information in one place. Instead of having to look through a clutter of emails, drive folders or other communication traffic, you can find what you’re looking for in our created all-in-one environment. We believe in working efficiently, so there’s more time for optimization and less time needed for project management. This way we can spend time making the most impact on your business!
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Other technologies

Marveltest Datahub™

Our Data Hub provides us, and our clients, with real-time data insights.
It combines data from a variety of sources, such as your different marketing channels, marketing automations, and store analytics into one place where we can build custom dashboards of useful data. With these insights, we can establish a good understanding of your business and continuously identify valuable opportunities that contribute to optimizing your business.

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Transparent insight into your goals

Customized data boards and calculations.

Realtime data of different sources

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Marveltest Funnel Optimizer™

Marveltest Funnel Optimizer is designed to help businesses reach their peak efficiency by merging business- and marketing data into one funnel.
The key benefits of Marveltest Funnel Optimizer is that it spots inefficiences on a real-time level. It connects to your business- and marketing tech stack and based on your peak efficiency formula it tells us exactly where the optimization opportunities lay.

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Reach peak efficiency

Optimize through Efficient Alignment

Spot inefficiencies real-time

Business management of the new age

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