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Creating a muscular marketing communication strategy to attract the most profitable customer profile.

Combine a passion for sports with an increasingly mobile, digital and modern society and you get OneFit: the internationally renowned sports app that gives members access to over 1,000 gyms and studios through a flexible monthly subscription.  While the company has been sharing the Sweat and Joy lifestyle with its growing community through an unlimited access model since 2013, at OneFit itself there was a growing desire to increase profitability. Marveltest helped them muscle up through Marvelfoundation+, allowing them to optimize their business based on our data while keeping the execution in house.



Audit identified multiple testable audiences

Strategies for CAC decrease


After identification of CAC increase

Churn rate optimization


Based on financial modelling


By conducting a thorough behavioral analysis in the first phase, we were able to find out what motivates OneFit's members and what their exercise behavior looks like. Based on this existing member data, we were able to distinguish different groups in terms of their app usage, and thus literally in how often groups work up a sweat. After internally determining all cohorts for behavior, we subjected these data to external sets.


In this stage, we profiled all cohorts on more than 50 variables, ranging from income level and living environment, to shopping behavior and preferences.Through this client profiling, we were able to conclude that the company particularly attracted the over-achieving athletes. Although that is obviously a good thing, there was a significantly large group of members who were still underexposed, despite the potential for profitability.


Based on our findings, we developed a marketing communication strategy for OneFit to attract this most profitable profile. By tailoring their communications accordingly, putting a cap on the number of times someone can exercise with a standard subscription and offering broader subscriptions for the most active athletes, the company was able to optimize its business and increase its profitability. To this day, OneFit attracts all kinds of couch potatoes and bodybuilders to the gym, with Marveltest being the heavy weight spotter when needed.

"Smashing the goals by tracking data of fitness trackers."

"Providing a broader offer for the biggest bodybuilders."

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200% ROAS increase

After the MarvelFoundation stage we applied our proposed strategies which resulted in a doubling of the Return On Ad Spend for Zoen voor Gust.

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