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Developing a data-based growth strategy to expand homewear on home grounds.

The Dutch company Pockies began its quest for ultimate comfort in 2015 with the release of brightly colored and printed boxer shorts with pockets. Since then, it has expanded its house fit line to include every item one needs to feel snug in a snap. While the company has been fruitfully fighting for the existence of Couch Couture with a wide arsenal of products, the desire to internationally empower more people with the pleasures of comfort clothing grew. To continue Pockies' pursuit, Marveltest developed a data-based growth strategy that ultimately led them to take the next step on domestic grounds first.



in 12 months



On 10+ Scalable audiences



Europe & US


In the first phase, our internal analyses already allowed us to discover a clear dichotomy in the buyer profile. We found that Pockies is not only bought by students as the main users, but a significant portion is bought by their mothers. Based on these comprehensive profiles, we were able to detect the specific moments when buyers are active and optimize the most advantageous buying moments and channels.


The broadly universal characteristics per target group allowed us to develop and test an experimental framework in the Netherlands that would be applicable to the international market. By conducting an international rollout analysis and tracking internet data traffic in each prospect market, we identified the countries with the greatest opportunity for expansion. However, after developing and launching ad sets for each country to determine which ones to prioritize, we discovered that the greatest success would be found in adjusting course.


Instead of rolling out a strategy to surrounding countries, our testing phase allowed us to conclude that it was more profitable for Pockies to stay closer to home, focus primarily on the key users rather than their mothers, and invest in earned media before crossing the border with paid advertising. In the Marvellive phase, we further optimized the home market strategy and helped Pockies continue to expand in the Netherlands and Belgium, where revenue is growing to this day.

"Mothers proved strangely tough to trigger for their child’s couch couture."

"Digitally dressing people with the best home apparel"

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200% ROAS increase

After the MarvelFoundation stage we applied our proposed strategies which resulted in a doubling of the Return On Ad Spend for Zoen voor Gust.

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