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Building a brand communication strategy with international allure.

The Amsterdam-based fashion brand Stieglitz has been empowering women with its bright and bold designs since 2014. Ever since its inception, the brand has been turning heads with collection drops that fuse influences from around the world into wearable works of art. Although Stieglitz itself had already evolved into an established company with a growing community and performance, we provided the urban brand with a communication strategy to make waves worldwide.

New Customers


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Channel Diversification


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Besides validating the assumption that Stieglitz reaches its intended audience of 18- to 25-year-old women, we surprisingly discovered that the primary buyer audience consists of women between the ages of 35 and 45. Knowing that there was a much larger group finding their way to the brand immediately created great opportunities to generate new customers. In addition, our data analysis showed great potential for a more continuous performance strategy over their seasonal collection drops.


Using various themes, product groups, collections and target audiences, we examined how an always-on strategy should be developed and implemented. In this phase we also expanded their current communication strategy, which was mainly focused on Facebook, to other channels. By testing several strategies in a multi-channel framework, we were able to ultimately achieve a 120% growth rate for Stieglitz.


While we were running at full speed in the Netherlands, we set our sights on international growth. We conducted an international rollout analysis to investigate the top ten areas where Stieglitz would have the most opportunity to grow. After seeing the results of this analysis, we determined the five most receptive areas and launched the funnels we had tested in the Netherlands. That way, we could continue to grow in those urban areas with a hyper-focused multi-channel strategy.  With this ongoing live phase, we continue to helpStieglitz elevate more and more people every day with its vibrant items. Young and old, national and international.

" Women of any age like to wear worldly-influenced works of art. "

" Creating a worldwide furor with colorful flares. "

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200% ROAS increase

After the MarvelFoundation stage we applied our proposed strategies which resulted in a doubling of the Return On Ad Spend for Zoen voor Gust.

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