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We are Marveltest a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about guiding businesses in a data-driven way.


Multichannel and high-value impact.


Funnels consisting of ad's, audiences, channels and landing pages.


Year to date generated by our data and tech.

We are Marveltest, a bunch of ambitious and nerdy heroes of the digital age. 

At Marveltest, we understand the importance of both people and technology in driving success. Our team is composed of highly skilled and talented individuals who utilize the latest tools and techniques to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

We encourage team members to excel in their areas of expertise and provide the freedom for them to succeed. By constantly seeking to expand our knowledge and leading by example, we position ourselves for success.

Our team works symbiotically with technology to drive innovation and efficiency. We are a data-driven company and use data to inform our strategies and decisions. We also deploy the latest tools and techniques to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our focus on both people and technology enables us to continuously improve and succeed in an ever-evolving industry.

Culture & Mindset

We all have it, the Marveltest DNA. It’s the core of who we are. It’s our mindset. 

Learning mindset

skills, intelligence and abilities can be improved with dedication and hard work. 


embrace challenges, risks, mistakes, and failure as opportunities to to succeed in the future.

High-performance focused

understanding, collaborating, and staying flexible to excel in a high-pressure enviro

Push the envelope

We push ourselves to the maximum, to ensure we are better than the rest. The pressure is high and the 'train' goes fast, be ready.

The heroes that make it all happen

The founders

Bhup and Maarten, both entrepreneurs from a very young age, had experienced what multiple founders and marketing managers are known to have gone through:

Launching a new product/service/campaign resulting in low unexpectedly low results.

Often the customer acquisition costs are a multiplier of expectations, resulting in underperforming business models. And so they said to each other: We live in such an advanced technological age. Predicting, or rapidly optimizing the customer acquisition cost before a big launch should be possible in a comprehensive way: it was the birth of the Marveltest tech and data stack.

Starting out with experimentation on new products and services to gain insights into their market potential, Marveltest has grown towards a complete data & marketing agency with its own data- and tech stack that has helped 80+ clients to become market leaders. As founders of Marveltest they’re always focused on using their experience to strategically grow clients whilst creating a great place for the team to work.

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Managing Partner & Co-Founder


Sr Partner & Co-Founder

The client team

Our client team, a group of outgoing specialists, is here to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

They’re passionate about advising our clients on digital business decisions and presenting clients' performance with our data analyses.

As experts in the full funnel they have an excellent understanding of marketing. Implementing a structured way of working, to monitor targets and align the internal team, makes their work so important to us.

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Head of Operations


Digital Growth Consultant


Digital Growth Consultant


Digital Growth Consultant


Digital Growth Associate


Jr Business Developer

The growth team

The growth team drives our clients to become market leaders.

This group of experts is focused on implementing, optimizing and scaling data-driven growth strategies.

They combine data insights, performance marketing and conversion optimization to maximize the value of our client's budget and foster their business growth. Working closely with our data and client teams, our growth specialists take ownership of all marketing channels while analyzing and optimizing your entire marketing funnel.

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Head of Growth team


Digital Growth Consultant


Digital Growth Consultant


Digital Growth Consultant


E-com Consultant


Digital Marketer specialist

The data team

Our data team translates data into insights that can be directly linked to your business drivers.

That way you can base tomorrow’s decisions and actions on today’s facts.

Whether it concerns ad hoc analyses or creating dashboards for different departments within the organization, they make it happen. This team creates the bridge between opportunities and practical solutions on a strategic, tactical and operational level.

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Head of Data


Digital Growth Consultant


Digital Growth Consultant


Data-driven Associate


Data Analyst


Full-stack Developer

The data-driven design team

The creative minds that turn our intricate strategies into visual and interactive products! A unique balance between Data, UX, and CX.

From data-driven design to content creation, they make and re-design ads, landing pages, mailing automations & newsletters according to their data-driven design & branding strategies. In addition, this team is also specialized in copywriting and video- and photography production & editing, aiming for conversion-optimizable content. They work seamlessly with your branding or create new data-driven brand identities.

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Head of Data-driven Design


Data-driven Designer


Data-driven Designer


Data-driven Designer


Content creator & Copy-writer

The people & culture team

Our well-being gurus ensure our internal good vibes!

Their focus is on Marveltest’s employees, providing them with confidential counseling, check-ins, personal development, training, developing OKR’s and giving feedback to help employees grow. Aside from that, they’re committed to attract, hire and onboard new talent. As the saying goes ‘a real people’s person’, it’s definitely applicable when looking at this heartwarming team!

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Head of People & Culture


People & Culture Officer

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