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You know your social channels but believe that Search is almost always the way to go ? Join the team now!
Manage and scale paid search accounts for B2B and B2C. Measure and optimise online marketing and search campaigns. Develop SEA growth strategies for customers.

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Job description

You will work in teams to help clients make better business decisions data-driven. You will be responsible for the campaign optimisation SEA + Display, growth hacking and online strategies of your clients. Diversity in this job is a given by the many different industries Marveltest helps to perform. At every client you will have freedom to test, scale and create new experiments on different marketing channels. Performance is key to our clients and therefore optimising online ad campaigns (with the small focus on SEA + Display) will be your main daily task. There is a great possibility to develop your skills while working on client projects, in-house frameworks and the Marveltest knowledge base!


What you'll bring to the team
• Smart and willing to learn
• BSc/ MSc University Degree
• Hands-on experience setting up and optimizing campaigns on multiple channels
• Comfortable with GA / CRO / Mail automation / Zapier / Shopify / Event tracking / A/B testing
• Experience implementing and optimizing the AARRR funnel
• Fluent in English
• Self-starter mindset

Nice to have

• Marketing Proposition development
• Experience with DataScience
• Identify business insights and apply business intelligence
• Basic coding or design skills
• Growth Tribe education
• Experience in mid-cap company consulting
• Entrepreneurial Mindset

You'll be working with me!


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marveltest perks

Team events

We are always looking for nice team building events. From the ‘vrijmibo’ to VR gaming and Big digital events. We do it all!

Great lunches

One of the best parts of Marveltest? Your lunch will be taken care of! At the office, you can enjoy a free lunch everyday.

Personal growth

Your development on a professional and personal level is very important to us.

Great clients

We have amazing SME clients that value our data-driven approach. We work with C-level individuals and their teams directly.

Diverse team

We truly believe that diversity drives creativity and insights. It is a genuine and vital part to our mission.

Holiday trips

As a team we value our team-bonding greatly, we plan amazing MarvelRetreats to get to know each other on another level.

Got the chops?

The Marveltest team will make it happen. In this digital age we try to automate everything, but without our team these automations and rational learnings will not take place. Are you curious who our team members are and what they do?

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