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Marveltest zoekt een nieuwe People & Culture Officer!

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Job description

Marveltest zoekt een nieuwe People & Culture Officer! Als People & Culture Officer sta je direct in verbinding met ons team en zorg je ervoor dat Marveltest intern kan bloeien, zodat we extern kunnen knallen! Je werkt in samenwerking met onze Head of People & Culture en zorgt ervoor dat ons team zich tijdens hun werktijd op hun gemak voelen. Je bent verantwoordelijk voor administratieve activiteiten, recruitment, HR-processen, office management, ontwikkeling van trainingen and feedback structuren en het regelmatige inchecken met het team. Ben jij een mensen-mens en houd jij ervan een werkomgeving een fijne plek te maken? Wil jij erbij helpen dat Marveltest dé plek is waar onze (toekomstige) collega’s willen werken en ook willen blijven? Dan zoeken wij jou!

Wie ben jij?

Wie ben jij:

  • Je bent het dagelijks aanspreekpunt voor onze collega’s en management.
  • Je houdt je bezig met recruitment en het optimaliseren hiervan; je bent verantwoordelijk voor het vinden van onze nieuwe team-members.
  • Je bent verantwoordelijk voor de follow-up van het recruitmentproces en houdt de eerste gesprekken met de kandidaten.
  • Je ontfermt je over alle office taken: e.g. lunch, vaatwasser, post etc., en zorgt ervoor dat elke collega de juiste materialen krijgt om goed te kunnen werken.
  • Je ontvangt onze klanten hartelijk op ons kantoor.
  • Je bent medeverantwoordelijk voor het optimaliseren en coördineren van de HR-processen, denk aan proposals, contracten, vieringen, onboardings, team-bonding organisatie etc.
  • Je zorgt ervoor dat facturen en bonnen op de juiste plek belanden.
  • Je bent een mensen-mens, hebt empathisch vermogen en zorgt ervoor dat ons team zich welkom en fijn voelt.
  • Je bent gestructureerd, denkt in oplossingen en leert snel.
  • Je bent vloeiend in Engels en Nederlands.
  • Je hebt een universiteitsdiploma.

Nice to have

Who are we?

At Marveltest, we transform the for some still fictional world of data growth and velocity into a reality. In this universe, forward-thinking businesses are the heroes of the digital curve and every piece of data is harnessed to be both powerful and actionable.

Marveltest predicts the growth of clients and helps them become leaders in their industries. Our powerful business and digital data tools combined with our cutting-edge platform provide intelligent insights that ultimately help clients gain an edge over their competition.

We guide businesses through an analytical process, subject a rock-solid data foundation to our iconic test methodology and turn high-capacity results into strategies that achieve accelerated growth. In this way, we make our clients go higher, further, and faster.

What do we offer?

  • A culture where growth, freedom and innovation are key
  • Working in an ambitious but close team: together we pull out all the stops when duty calls, but as it goes with superheroes, in real life we’re just a bunch of normal people who like to have a lot of fun together
  • Help build the company: together we are always busy creating and testing new business frameworks, processes and products
  • The chance to be part of a fast-growing scale-up where you make a real impact on all clients: we focus on the entire funnel of clients rather than individual components
  • The ability to work from our office in the center of Amsterdam, but also the flexibility to work from the comfort of your own home
  • Monthly team bonding events, drinks and get-togethers: we love to connect in real life
  • Personal budget for self-development and lots of growth opportunities: learning and development is a constant
  • Above market salary: we believe your superpowers should be well compensated
  • An employee benefit to spend freely each month on a wide range of treats, powered by YourCampus.
  • 26 paid holidays a year
  • A MacBook Pro M-Chip laptop

Do you have a drive for data & digital and are you up for some action?


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Digital Growth Consultant

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marveltest perks

Team events

We are always looking for nice team building events. From the ‘vrijmibo’ to VR gaming and Big digital events. We do it all!

Great lunches

One of the best parts of Marveltest? Your lunch will be taken care of! At the office, you can enjoy a free lunch everyday.

Personal growth

Your development on a professional and personal level is very important to us.

Great clients

We have amazing SME clients that value our data-driven approach. We work with C-level individuals and their teams directly.

Diverse team

We truly believe that diversity drives creativity and insights. It is a genuine and vital part to our mission.

Holiday trips

As a team we value our team-bonding greatly, we plan amazing MarvelRetreats to get to know each other on another level.

Got the chops?

The Marveltest team will make it happen. In this digital age we try to automate everything, but without our team these automations and rational learnings will not take place. Are you curious who our team members are and what they do?

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